Based in Reigate, Surrey, Richard Rees is a third generation professional greyhound trainer. Following in the footsteps of two Derby winning trainers, We strive for the best out of our greyhounds day in day out, already winning a classic and reaching many big finals. 

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Our kennels in Reigate, Surrey have training facilities to keep our dogs happy and healthy. We have use of big free running paddocks, a gallop on site, treatment facilities including Mag boxes, Ultrasound machines and a treadmill to ensure our greyhounds get the upmost care wether running or returning from injury. 

We run our graded strength at Hove from Tuesday-Saturday and also send out our open race team all over the country wether it be one off races or Category 1 competitions, we have had success in the Grand National at Wimbledon in 2011 and in 2020 sent Southwood Jet to the English Derby final at Nottingham. 

We have a experienced team in Richard , Jackie Rees, Charlie Rees and Stacey Elms all experienced and passionate about greyhound racing and getting the best out of our dogs and ensuring that they have a healthy, long and successful career. 

Our kennel caters for every type of greyhound wether it be low grade to competiton they all receive the same care and our owners come down to the kennels on Sundays to visit and walk there dogs, this is a great social aspect to the kennel and our owners and dogs enjoy this day.


Welfare of the dogs is our number 1 concern and we work closely with the Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare to ensure our dogs have a happy transition to a life on the sofa once there racing careers are complete. All of our dogs are homed either through this homing kennel or they go home with their  owners.