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To the home of Professional greyhound trainer REES GREYHOUND RACING  attached to Hove Stadium.






Richard Rees is a professional greyhound trainer based in Reigate, Surrey where greyhond racing has been in the family for 3 generations. Having taken over from his father Philip Rees in 2008, Richard has a great team and hopes to emulate the great successes of his father and grandfather. We strive for the best, already winning one classic and reaching many big finals.


We have a experienced team in Richard, his wife Jackie Rees, son Charlie Rees and Stacey Elms all highly experienced and passionate about greyhound racing and devoted to ensuring the dogs all have a healthy, long and successful career. 




The welfare of our greyhounds is our number one priority and our team are dedicated to ensuring they receive the best care. Our kennels offer the best facilities to keep our dogs happy and healthy; they offer the use of big free running paddocks, a large all-weather gallop and treatment facilities to ensure our greyhounds receive the upmost care.




The thrill of owning your own greyhound is a unique experience which offers excitement and a fun night, be it at our home track -Hove stadium where we run our graded strength from Tuesday- Saturday or on our Open racing team. Greyhound Racing is a great hobby to be involved in and we encourage a great social environment in our kennel, providing various events throughout the year for owners to come together and enjoy the kennels successes. 

Our open race greyhounds regularly travel around the country whether it be for one off races or Category 1 competitions, we have had success winning the Grand National at Wimbledon in 2011 and in 2020 sent Southwood Jet to the English Derby final at Nottingham. 

For further information buying a greyhound contact Richard Rees where he will be happy to discuss your requirements or arrange a visit to our kennel.



We're proactive in the promotion of greyhound welfare and it is our number one priority. We work closely with the Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare, to ensure our greyhounds have a happy transition from the kennels to a life on the sofa once they have finished racing. In the case where our owners are unable to take there greyhounds home after racing they are rehomed through these rehoming kennels.

We always have a selection of retired greyhounds at our kennel waiting for there forever homes, so please contact us and we will let you know if you have a hound to suit you. 



A greyhound could even help market your business and act as a truly original and rewarding way of entertaining your clients. Not only can they come greyhound racing and experience the corporate entertainment but they can watch your very own greyhound run! Syndicates where you share the costs and also have a ready-made sociable fan base for your greyhound are increasingly popular and we can help to organise all aspects of corporate syndicates.

If you are planning to incorporate greyhound racing as a marketing tool for your business check out Hove Stadiums sponsorship packages for advertising with a difference! 

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