Burhill Kennels has been the home to The Rees family Kennels for over 45 years and holds a friendly atmosphere where we provide exceptional care for all greyhounds in our charge.  The kennels have a mixture of sand and grass paddocks with large field and gallop used for schooling the greyhounds.We pride ourselves on feeding greyhounds only the best locally sourced produce for a healthy and balanced diet which is vital to there performance.

We have a number of facilities to assist the training of greyhounds such as a walking machine, a gallop with hurdles and a selection of physiotherapy equipment including a portomag box, ultra sound and Laser fototech.

Our greyhounds are given plenty of TLC and we have several paddocks and a large enclosed field in which the dogs can roam and relax together.

Being situated in the picturesque village of Hersham we have lovely surroundings for our owners to come and walk their dogs on a Sunday. The dogs really do look forward to this and it's a great social opportunity to meet up with other owners in the kennel. We also regularly hold social events which is a great way to meet fellow owners in our kennel.

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